Alice Woodrum

Owner, Design Director

I started my hairdressing career at the age of 14 when I attended a three year apprenticeship program at a salon in Lenzig, Austria. My training consisted of hair design for both ladies and gentlemen, as well as wig construction, theatrical makeup, and just about anything else that pertained to the beauty industry. I entered the United States in 1974, and with very little knowledge of the English language, I successfully passed the state board of cosmetology examination. My competitive side convinced me to enter a hair cutting competition, which I walked away from with a gold medal.

I have been a salon owner since 1986 and I have helped many young hairdressers realize their dream of becoming certified by numerous companies within our industry to become presenters and educators for corporations and private students, usually other hairdressers. I launched my own product line in 1996, and due to the great response of my clients, I have continued to add products to the line ever since. My vision and dream of providing clients with the best services I can, while also owning and operating a top service salon full of other great stylists has been a daily reminder for me to stay true to my commitment to my career as a whole.

Creativity isn't just a part of my professional life, either. My love of music and art is endless. I have taken piano lessons as an adult and have also given two private solo recitals. Classical music ranks as my number one genre, with Beethoven being my favorite composer. My love for art has inspired me to create impressionistic, one of a kind pieces! I am thrilled to say that my art creations are currently displayed in many homes all over the country. Every art piece is a compilation of recycled materials, color and balance.

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