Aarianna Frank


I’ve never questioned my love for the hair industry or the thought of having my own chair one day. I couldn’t be more excited about my future in this salon. I aspire to obtain my cosmetology license in the very new future and am in the process of obtaining my shampooing license to take my assistant work to a new level. I’m very appreciative for this new learning opportunity, being mentored by Alice, and for my future place on this amazing team she’s put together so that I can better myself and learn. My journey has only begun and I cannot wait to flourish in this beautiful, creative trade. 

I have an adorable one year old son, Leo, and by my side I have a sweet soon-to-be-husband, James. We are travelers, we love to be adventurous in all aspects of life but are okay with sitting back and absorbing all of life’s “little enjoyable moments.”

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