About Alice Woodrum

a better life through hair. seriously.

With an eclectic, artsy and top-trained group of hairdressers, educators and platform artists, the staff at Alice Woodrum Salon is on a mission to make their clients’ lives better through hair.

Led by Alice, who grew up in Austria and has traveled this country as an educator and owned salons for decades, the talented team of hair designers is remarkably seasoned. Even beauty school graduates must go through a rigorous apprenticeship program at the salon to ensure their skills are elevated to the highest level.

Their proficiency at conducting an in-depth consultation leads to clients discovering their ultimate hair design to perfectly fit their style (from classic to avant-garde) and lifestyle.

But the devotion to art and design does not end with hair. The salon’s ultra modern décor shines a light on Alice’s own bold paintings gracing the white walls, behind Bohemian chairs and a loveseat awash in peacock colors. For an ever-changing lineup of ultra chic jewelry, scarves, handbags, high fashion accessories and gift-worthy items, clients can shop the AW Boutique.

Our Services

hair cutting & styling

From a sleek, precision cut to added volume, waves or smoothing, the design team at Alice Woodrum tailors each style to the client, bringing out his or her best features, complementing skin tone and suiting individual lifestyles. Alice’s approach to cutting techniques uses an economy of scissor snips to achieve natural-looking, gorgeous, face-framing layers. Each cut is unique, customized to the individual.


hair coloring

Alice and her team choose to work with an organic hair color line from Italy, named Artego, because of the density of its pigments, which are long lasting and fade resistant. The coconut oil-based formulas are low-ammonia, impart luster and shine, and promote optimum hair health. Color services range from all-over tints to highlights and specialty color effects. All hair treatments include clarifying shampoo, color treatment, after-color sealer and conditioning treatment.


esthetic services

In addition to hair services, the salon also offers makeup applications with and without instruction and organic hair removal for the face.


Our Products

When Alice noticed the quality of professional hair and makeup products available in the marketplace slipping, she decided to formulate her own line—AW Design Tools—in 1996, with handpicked ingredients that treat hair and skin while providing styling options. For instance, whether used on damp hair at the root to boost volume, or on dry hair, the brushable hairspray provides just the right amount of style memory without creating “helmet head.”

Alice continues to innovate and develop new products to meet her clients’ needs. Two niche lines of products are geared toward specific needs, such as extending hair color or fluffing baby fine hair. The paraben- and sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners and styling products such as sprays and putties, draw clients from all over the country.

Alice has also developed a long-lasting cosmetic line that offers anti-aging benefits. She celebrates her own age without masking it. Her creamy liquid foundation soothes and softens mature skin, while bringing out a glow. Eyeliners and lip pencils do double duty, adding color and preventing creeping, and look as great at the end of the day as they do at the start.

Our Staff

The team at Alice Woodrum Salon includes a seasoned group of fashion-forward stylists who are innovative, energized and ready to bring out your best.

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Alice Woodrum